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HP Touchpad Beats Audio vs Apple iPad

I made a video comparing the sound quality of the EVO 4G and the Palm Pre 2 against the HP TouchPad and I got a request on Twitter to compare the TouchPad against the iPad. You are the judge, they are both playing the same song at max volume.  I used a Kodak Playsport Zx5 and recorded the video in 1080p.  I think it is pretty clear that the TouchPad with Beats Audio has a deeper bass, but it does not distort the music during playback.  However, you may get the impression that there is some sound distortion on the video, but I think this is due to the microphone limitation of the Playsport video camera.  I may be able to get a hold of an iPad 2, but it may be in a couple of weeks.


Is Beats Audio a gimmick on the TouchPad?

Some people say it is the best sound they ever heard from a tablet, others say it is just a gimmick and it just another marketing scam.  Well, I will let you be the judge of that with this video.

WebOS Roundup promo codes for Socom 4 Gamer Guide

WebOS Roudup is running a promotion for 4 codes for Socom 4 Gamer guide!  Get them now before they are all gone!

So where is the Sprint Pre 3?

Sprint No More

If you are one of many loyal Sprint customers still holding onto the original Palm Pre, you are probably hungry for every little piece of news that can lead you to a possible Sprint Pre 3. Even if this rumor comes from a clueless Sprint rep, you still want to believe in unicorns and leprechauns.  Well, I’m going to use my crystal ball and speculate on the future of the HP Pre 3. From what I can see so far it is very clear that there will be a GSM version, which given that the HP Veer is going to at&t and the Pre 3 demo units we’ve seen run on at&t, it is 99.9% possible that the Pre 3 will be initially released exclusively for at&t in the US.  When? From what I’m seeing around the web, it looks like mid June or early July.  But that’s not all for the Pre 3.  There has been many stories pointing to a Verizon Pre 3 not only in pictures, but FCC publications. Given that Verizon is always late to get good phones I would say the Pre 3 will show up on Verizon around October.  Again, this is pure speculation on my part and I could be wrong.  At that point, a CDMA Pre 3 on Verizon should not lead anybody into thinking that there will be a Sprint Pre 3 coming out soon because I’m very positive that Sprint is done with slider phones from HP Palm. In fact, Sprint hates Oreo cookies with passion (*).  Now, the other rumor is a keyboardless WebOS phone coming to Sprint, which may be true if you are willing to wait until late 2011 or early 2012.

My advice would be to go with the carrier that has the phone you want and not with the phone your carrier can give you.  I’m done with carrier loyalty and if at&t is where the cool phones are then bye bye Sprint.


(*) Palm Pre Oreo effect

Pre 3 First hands-on

HP Pre 3 hits the fcc with world phone capabilities including cdma evdo gsm support/

Pre 3 Headed to Verizon?

Keyboard-less Webos phone stingray exclusive

Pre 3 Preorder from Gearmany

You say big is good! He says small is best!

Here I am sitting on a sofa at the mall waiting for my wife to come out of Macy’s.  After a quick look around me I see some people with blackberries, others with feature phones and some iphones and Android phones.  So I ask this guy next to me who is using a blackberry, why he doesn’t use an iphone instead.  He says that he doesn’t need one, because he only uses it to check his email, text messaging, make phone calls and rarely check on a website.  Apparently, his phone does all that good enough.  Though, he says that from time to time his phone just shuts down and doesn’t power on again.
Looking at his Blackberry Bold I see that the screen is probably kind of close to what the HP Veer can offer, but in a smaller package.  So I tell him if he wants to upgrade to a phone that does all the things his Blackberry Bold does plus more he should check out the HP Veer this May 15th at an at&t store.  He asks for the brand again and I say “HP” to what he responds, “Oh HP!” I know, many people don’t relate the HP brand with phones anymore.
So to answer Josh Topolsky’s question on his last podcast about why would somebody buy such a small phone like the HP Veer when they can get an iphone instead.  The answer is that not everybody is an uber geek like us.  We use phones for almost everything in life.  But there are many others whose life is not based on their phone’s awesomeness.  Therefore, they have no need for a big screen and an expensive phone that does more than what they need it to do.
I know it is hard for a geek to understand that our needs are not the same as everybody else, but I believe we do not represent the masses.

Blackberry Bold

HP Veer 4G
Palm Website
This is my next podcast

Socom 4 Gamer Guide 0.8.1 submitted to the App Catalog

I’ve just submitted a new update to the HP App Catalog.  This new version adds Just Type for WebOS 2.x and a search for weapon page.  I’ve also fixed some flickering issues that was reported.  I hope to see this update soon for download.

Just Type: Famas

Famas Search Result

Socom 4 Gamer Guide download page

Hello World!

I’ve been thinking about blogging again for a long time, but I could not find a good blogging tool when I had a Treo 755p as my primary phone about two years ago.  Now, I’ve found Poster for WordPress available for WebOS and I believe this will be my main blogging tool.  
In this blog I’m planning on posting information about the gadgets I love and hate, the apps I’m developing or enjoying, the video games I play and I just can’t get enough of, and maybe a few rants here and there.
And with that said here is a picture my brother took of me with his Palm Pre Plus.

Love San Francisco