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You say big is good! He says small is best!

Here I am sitting on a sofa at the mall waiting for my wife to come out of Macy’s.  After a quick look around me I see some people with blackberries, others with feature phones and some iphones and Android phones.  So I ask this guy next to me who is using a blackberry, why he doesn’t use an iphone instead.  He says that he doesn’t need one, because he only uses it to check his email, text messaging, make phone calls and rarely check on a website.  Apparently, his phone does all that good enough.  Though, he says that from time to time his phone just shuts down and doesn’t power on again.
Looking at his Blackberry Bold I see that the screen is probably kind of close to what the HP Veer can offer, but in a smaller package.  So I tell him if he wants to upgrade to a phone that does all the things his Blackberry Bold does plus more he should check out the HP Veer this May 15th at an at&t store.  He asks for the brand again and I say “HP” to what he responds, “Oh HP!” I know, many people don’t relate the HP brand with phones anymore.
So to answer Josh Topolsky’s question on his last podcast about why would somebody buy such a small phone like the HP Veer when they can get an iphone instead.  The answer is that not everybody is an uber geek like us.  We use phones for almost everything in life.  But there are many others whose life is not based on their phone’s awesomeness.  Therefore, they have no need for a big screen and an expensive phone that does more than what they need it to do.
I know it is hard for a geek to understand that our needs are not the same as everybody else, but I believe we do not represent the masses.

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